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About us

The idea of the Transport Innovation Association arose in 2020. The need for a community that is working in the digitalization of the transport sector, increasing its efficiency, solving environmental issues and implementing modern technologies came from seeing a gap that appears between technological advances in the transport chains and other business branches.

Most of the problems in logistics are related to documents, most of which still have to be submitted on paper instead of simple and easily accessible digital version. There are more problems related to this – drivers are forced to drive extra kilometers and have downtime. In addition, the current procedure for submitting documents to customs does not allow the development of autonomous cargo transportation and prevents the overall increase in the efficiency of the transport market.


Leadership in the fields of innovation and digitalization of transport and logistics, developing the sector`s competitiveness on a Lithuanian and international scale.

Creating a business-friendly environment through digitalization of processes and implementation of innovations in the field of transport and logistics.

  • To bring together a community of innovators in the field of transport and logistics, which would generate and implement ideas in the areas of efficiency and digitalization of transport and logistics;
  • Together with state institutions, to prepare a national transport and logistics digitalization strategy and create a regional ecosystem, while implementing the EU Electronic Information on Freight Transport (eFTI) regulation;
  • To expand cooperation with EU institutions, Western and Eastern partnership countries, creating digital connections of transport and logistics systems;
  • To create effective solutions and digital services, providing opportunities for Association`s members to use these services under the most favorable conditions;
  • To increase the competitiveness of the Lithuanian transport and logistics sector by providing opportunities for both large and small companies to raise their competences and receive benefits from the efficiency of the transport and logistics process.
  • Openness. We are open to new ideas and partnerships.

  • Cooperation. We can achieve the best results through cooperation between business, non-governmental organizations, state institutions and international organizations.

  • Efficiency. We focus on finding solutions that increase the efficiency of the transport and logistics sector.

  • Sustainability and ecology. Digitalization and “paperless” processes make it possible to reduce the numbers of kilometers traveled unnecessarily and promote sustainability and ecology.

Technologies and innovations

In transport sector


We are pursuing the set goals


We face challenges together

IT solutions

We are promoting digitalization


We encourage businesses and institutions to implement innovations that help develop and optimize transport businesses and reduce paperwork


A sustainable business takes care not only of itself, but also of the environment, nature and people. This will be mandatory in the future


Our members offer various technological solutions for companies in the transport and logistics sector


By pursuing goals together with colleagues, we can achieve more and help each other grow


The Association and its members have the opportunity to communicate with state institutions and legislators. This paves the way for innovation and solutions

Organization and initiatives

We organize events, discuss and contribute to various initiatives for more favorable business conditions for every member of the Association

The Board

Jurgis Adomavičius

Founder of Bunasta
I am the chairman of the board of the Transport Innovation Association. I want the transport sector to become digitalized, much more efficient and environmentally friendly. I believe that in the logistics and transport sector, we need to introduce innovations, make processes more efficient through digitalization and reduce the waste of land resources. In this way, we will create opportunities to deliver cargo faster and easier. Guided by these ideas, I gather a community of like-minded people, I contribute to the organization of the Transport Innovation Forum, I share my experience with young entrepreneurs and I am a mentor and business angel for start-ups in the field of transport.

Dainius Berškys

Manager and Co-Founder of Trevio Group
I have implemented more than 20 management improvement projects in the private sector, starting with the practical implementation of ISO9001 quality management systems in manufacturing companies and ending with the implementation of Lean concepts in the service and manufacturing sectors.

Artūras Michejenko

Managing Director at DKV EURO SERVICE Baltikum
I am the managing director for the Baltic countries of DKV Mobility, one of the largest European mobile service providers. During my 20-year career in the transport sector, I gained a lot of experience in analyzing the needs of carriers and finding complex solutions to meet those needs.

Dovilė Greblikienė

Partner of law firm Ellex Valiūnas
I am a firm partner with significant experience in various complex projects in the transport, energy and telecommunications sectors, working on issues of regulation, liberalization, and transfer of EU law to national law in these sectors. With my competence, I have contributed to the creation of auto innovations for clients such as Bolt, Porche, and I also work with projects aimed at implementing electronic signatures in business processes and remote identification of persons. Since 2020, I have been a member of the board of Transport Innovation Association. In addition to sharing my experience in the aforementioned sectors, I additionally contribute to the proper legal formalization of the Association`s activities (statutes, members meeting votes, hiring of employees, etc.) in the Association.

Paulius Lazauskas

Manager of Information technology organization
I have 17 years of work experience in the IT sector, solving various types of tasks, transferring processes to the IT space – creating, improving and especially enabling the mutual interaction of information systems. It is a very important task to position Lithuania as a strong country not only in the context of the fastest Internet, but also as a country that is one of the first countries to implement digitalization challenges in the context of the European Union. As a member of the board, my main focus is not on the development of new systems, but on the co-integration of various systems to solve niche problems that would allow documents to move much faster in the transport sector.

Andrius Juvko

CEO of 4logist
I am the founder and manager of the start-up 4logist, who has many years of experience in the field of information technology and I am well aware of the specifics of the work of transport and logistics companies, so my experience, knowledge and competences help to develop and strengthen TIA`s activities related to the acceleration of start-ups and the development of digital solutions.

Our team

Rugilė Andziukevičiūtė-Buzė

general manager

Asta Kazlauskienė

Head of Strategic Partnerships and CommunicationS

Inga Ablingienė

Partner for Development and Project Delivery

Rugilė Nasickaitė

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