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Gender Equality Plan

The aim of the Gender Equality Plan of the Transport Innovation Association (hereinafter also TIA) is to ensure equal opportunities for all men and women engaged with TIAs activities. We proceed from the principles of gender equality in all our activities without compromising on competence and quality. We wish to support everyone endeavor irrespective of gender (as well as sexual orientation, nationality, age, and other individual characteristics), and believe that results will benefit TIA’s ecosystem the most if the background of the involved participants in implementing tasks and activities is as diverse as possible, and if the aspects of gender have also been taken into account in the work being carried out.

The current state of gender equality in Lithuania, especially transportation sector, has not reached the equality of men and women in terms of their position and opportunities. There exists a great gender imbalance across different positions, the proportion of women in the decision-making bodies is modest, and considerably more men apply for and receive top level positions than women. In order to improve the indicators of gender equality, it is imperative to tackle these issues systematically. The aim of the Transport Innovation Association is to pay more attention to the aspects of gender in all its activities, and thus contribute to promoting gender equality in transportation sector and among TIA members and partners.

The responsibility of promoting gender equality is shared by TIA board members and administrative personnel. The Plan is based on interviews with the President, board members, Director of Association, data analysis of the activities of the Association, and on the written recommendations as well as discussions between the employees. Specific activities for achieving the set objectives and the employees responsible for them shall be stipulated in the annual action plans of TIA. Meeting the set objectives will be covered in the annual reports. The Plan has been supported by Board members on 11 January 2023 and signed by General Manager of TIA. GEP will be revised at least once a year.

Subsequently, the objectives and underlying principles of the Gender Equality Plan, as well as the measures which will be proposed and adopted by the Board in order to meet the set objectives, have been listed. Proceeding from the activities and possibilities of the TIA for improving the state of gender equality, the five main objectives for the time period 2023-2026 are as follows:

  1. Innovation Association and the whole community of transport sector.
  2. Adhering to the principles of equal treatment.
  3. Improve gender balance among the Board members and staff of TIA.
  4. Implementing a gender-sensitive communication strategy within TIA’s ecosystem.

Raising gender awareness among the employees and members of Transport Innovation Association and the whole community of transport sector

In order to make fair and inclusive decisions, gender awareness, incl. awareness of possible problems caused by unconscious bias, is of utmost importance for those engaged with TIA’s activities. Increased awareness helps to prevent discrimination and ensures making fairer decisions. Gender awareness also contributes to achieving all of the other objectives of the Association’s Gender Equality Plan. For ensuring a better understanding of gender equality among the employees as well as among the Board members and whole TIA’s ecosystem, we will:

  • Improve our competences regarding gender equality, incl. by participating in training courses.
  • Integrate the aspects of gender into the training courses we organise, if applicable.
  • Assemble existing and compile new need-based information materials on gender equality, incl. materials on the importance of considering unconscious bias and on integrating the gender dimension in research.
  • Share our experiences, good practices, and developments regarding gender equality within our organisation, incl. in in-house seminars, webinars and workshops, etc.

Adhering to the principles of equal treatment

Transport Innovation Association supports equal treatment of all people, refraining from any form of discrimination based on gender (also from indirect discrimination, which occurs when seemingly neutral rules give an advantage to some employees or target groups). Among other things, we pay particular attention to the impact that being on parental leave has on career development. In order to ensure equal treatment, we will:

  • Examine our rules and regulations to make sure that they ensure equal opportunities for everyone.
  • Take into consideration a justified leave of absence from duties, such as a parental leave or military service, in the preparatory materials relating to making decisions.
  • Adhere to the principles of equal treatment and proceed only from established criteria when making decisions.
  • Collect feedback on the adherence to the principles of equal treatment in the decision-making processes.

Improve gender balance among the Board members and staff of TIA

Transport Innovation Association is to reach the greatest possible gender balance among the Board members and Administration staff without compromising the competence of the experts.

Among the Board members we consider the representation of the underrepresented gender of at least 40% to be a good gender balance. When convening Administration, the gender proportions of various fields of expertise is a further factor to be taken into account: in case of administration staff is dominated by one gender, the underrepresented gender has to be, if at all possible, represented in the decision-making body in decent proportions.

In order to achieve a greater gender balance among the members of the decision-making bodies and administrative staff, we will:

  • Consciously pay more attention to gender when searching for the experts and employees.
  • Prefer a candidate of underrepresented gender if the candidates are of equal standing.

Implementing a gender-sensitive communication strategy within TIA’s ecosystem

One of the key roles of the Transport Innovation Association is communicating with the transportation community at large, incl. sharing information with TIA members and beyond. Gender equality will also be promoted through communication activities. We will remain gender-aware in all our channels of communication and will:

  • Monitor our use of language and refrain from reproducing gender stereotypes.
  • Include if necessary from the principles of gender diversity when writing press releases, news, profile articles, etc.
  • Try to ensure gender balance among the speakers at public events, if at all possible. As is the case with decision-making bodies, we consider the representation of the underrepresented gender of at least 40% to be a good gender balance.
  • Emphasise the need to underline the aspects of gender in various materials and statistics: the data, wherever possible, will be disaggregated by gender.

Hereby, I dedicate Partner for Development and Project Deliver Inga Ablingienė to monitor the Gender Equality Plan and provide yearly report to Board members of Transport Innovation Association.

Asta Kazlauskienė
General Manager of Transport Innovation Association

PDF – Gender Equality Plan

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