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Past events

23-24th of November, Transport Innovation Forum 2023

More than 70 speakers and panellists discussed the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the sector today. The Forum brought together more than 900 industry leaders to share insights and network. More than 50 000 viewers tuned in to the live broadcast of the opening and first part of the event on Delfi.

12th of September, Innovation Day

At the event, organized together with TGS Baltic, members of the Transport Innovation Association shared their achievements, projects and innovative products that are not only accelerating the development of our sector, but also shaping future trends in transport and logistics.

The event featured several guest speakers: Antanas Bernatonis, founder of Why AI, artificial intelligence trainer and author of the newsletter; Darius Žakaitis, founder and CEO of Tech Zity and partner of the investment fund Contrarian Ventures; Gintarė Janušaitienė from the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

29th of May, Sustainability and decarbonisation challenges in logistics

The event explored solutions to make the transport and logistics sector more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The upcoming sustainability requirements and the legal framework that will oblige companies to submit Sustainability Reports, which will fundamentally change the rules of the game, were discussed.

24-26th of March, DigiLogistics Hack

3 days of creativity and out-of-the-box solutions, 12 teams from Lithuania, Estonia and Finland, 16 mentors, 4 main challenges for the participants and two inspiring presentations.

The event provided an overview of the innovative solutions used by many companies and contributed to the Transport Innovation Association's ambition to facilitate, train and educate small and medium-sized enterprises in the implementation of digital transformation. The hackathon was attended by private sector teams and mentors from private and public sector organisations. Representatives from different countries had a great opportunity to interact and make meaningful connections that will facilitate the implementation of European standards in the future.

24th of March, DigiLogistics Masterclass: Next steps towards paperless shipments

The event presented the practical possibilities of eCMR application, the features of the eFTI Regulation and the implementation of the eFTI Regulation in Lithuania. Business representatives shared their insights on how they are developing eFTI platforms and the challenges faced by companies starting digital processes in their companies and what a digitised intermodal transport will look like. The event culminated in a networking session with the participants of the "DigiLogistics Hack" Hackathon taking place on the 24-26th March.

24th of January, Financing Business and Innovation 2023

The aim of the event was to introduce the Association's members and all those interested to the funding mechanisms for business development, innovation and deployment that will be available to companies and start-ups and innovators in 2023. Detailed presentations of the 2023 funding projects were prepared and discussions were attended by: Gintarė Kuncaitytė, representative of the Inovacijų agentūra, Saulius Kerza and Jurgita Rimkuvienė, representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, as well as Ignas Viliušis, Customer Service Manager at RVS konsultacijos, and Justina Malinauskė, Senior Project Manager at INVEGA.


20-21st of October, Transport Innovation forum 2022

More than 70 speakers and participants of discussions from various countries read presentations and participated in discussions at the event. More than 700 guests participated live in the forum, and 120 000 people viewed the broadcast in Delfi and on our platform.

16th of June, United Kingdom - Challenges and Opportunities for Lithuanian transport sector

Laura Marquis - Deputy Director of Logistics and Supply Chain at the UK department for Transport
Donata Mauricaitė – Commercial Attache of the Republic of Lithuania in the United Kingdom
Rugilė Andziukevičiūtė-Buzė – General Manager of Transport Innovation Association
Giedrius Meškauskas – General Manage of Jager Freight LTD

2nd of June, Trends changing the future of transport and communications (Panevėžys)

Rugilė Andziukevičiūtė-Buzė – General Manager of Transport Innovation Association
Paulius Gužys – Co-founder of Įkrautas
Raimundas Petrauskas – General Manager of Schmitz Cargobull Baltic

A visit to the Schmitz Cargobull factory.


21-22nd of October, Transport Innovation Forum: Transport and Logistics 2050

More than 70 transport and logistics sector experts from 17 different countries read presentations and participated in the discussions at the event. More than 300 guests participated live in the forum and 127 000 people viewed the broadcast in Delfi and on our platform.

3rd of August. Informational seminar for TIA members about business tools

22nd of June. Transport and logistics transformation (Klaipėda)

Jurgis Adomavičius – Chairman of the Board of the Transport Innovation Association
Egidijus Mockus – General Manager of the Western Timber Group and the president of the Klaipėda Industrialists` Association
Alvydas Naujėkas – General Manager of „Vėjo projektai“ / Dancer Bus
Rugilės Andziukevičiūtė-Buzė – General Manager of Transport Innovation Association
Irena Griciūtė – Representative of A. Gricius auto transport company
Justas Kairys – Manager of TLS Logistics

27th of May, Logistics and transport digitalization: opportunities for start-ups

Eglė Markevičiūtė – Vice-Minister of Economy and Innovations
Roberta Rudokienė – Manager of Startup Lithuania
Augmantas Pinčius – Consultant at GovTech Lab
Tautvydas Gylys – Product Manager of Trafi
Gytenis Galkis – Partner of the venture capital fund „70V”
Jurgis Adomavičius – Chairman of the Board of The Transport Innovation Association

30th of April, Innovations and solutions in logistics 2050

Tomas Sergadejevas – Founder of start-up Fleethand
Gintaras Naudžiūnas – Manager of DS Projects
Aidas Berškys – Supply Chain and logistics consultant


24th of March, Third month after Brexit in transport world

Šarūnas Avižienis –Head of the Customs Policy Department of the Customs Department
Mantas Zamžickas – Commercial Attache, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the United Kingdom
Dovilė Greblikienė – Partner of law firm Ellex Valiūnas, member of the Board of Transport Innovation Association



30th of June EU initiatives to digitize transport and logistics sector. Lithuania`s perspective

Jurgis Adomavičius – Initiator of Transport Innovation Association
Vilma Misukonienė – EU digital policy expert
Dominique Willems – Group Leader of the Digital Transport and Innovatiom Forum (DTLF)
Vladislav Kondratovič – Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications
Artūras Piliponis – partner at Ernst&Young
Dainius Berškys – CEO of the start-up Trevio

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