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Įgyvendinamas projektas

The goal of the NDPTL (Northern Dimension Transport and Logistics Partnership Platform) eCMR project is to identify and propose solutions for legal and information technology in order to implement the exchange of CMR documents and information on a digital platform.

After the implementation of the project, it is planned to achieve the following results:

  • Study/overview of legal situation of eCMR application in NDPTL countries,
  • Plan/proposal with concrete steps for implementation of eCMR project in NDPTL countries,
  • Proposal for further funding requirement to continue implementation of eCMR in NDPTL countries and beyond,
  • Analysis of the technical feasibility of using the European blockchain service infrastructure (EBSI) together with eCMR,
  • Further development of the project within the framework of other related projects Diginno, DinnoCap and DinnoProto,
  • Spreading the benefits of eCMR to government and business organizations,
  • Final eCMR pilot project conference.
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