The future of the transport and logistics sector is impossible without new technologies changing traditional attitude to transport and supply chain.

Invention of the autonomous vehicles, loading robots and other technologies requires a fresh attitude to transport data processing and government role in controlling transport and international trade processes.

One of the most valuable assets currently is data. Data is the true XXI a. currency which not only allows to create new values - products and services but also to understand specifics of business processes, optimize them and create competetive advantage.

Today most data (approx. 80%) is created by humans. The rest is being generated by the equipment and machines, what is called Internet of Things. In the nearest future this proportion will change. Analytics predict almost 90% data will be generated by intelectual sensors.

Not only technological change is taking place but the needs and habits of transport users are also changing, therefore to stay competetive in logistics market everyone has to evolve and introduce new, innovative solutions.

Therefore there is a need of consolidated potential of developing and implementing new ideas.


We invite carriers, expeditors, IT companies, associations and other organizations, to whom transport business process digitization, sustainability, effectiveness and colaboration in customs formality simplification is relevant to join the TIA.


Association of Transport Innovations strives to unite labour and creativity potential of transport, logistic, IT professionals and governmental institutions in order to create sucessfull future of transport sector of not only Lithuania but also neighbour countries.

If you are interested in becoming member of Transport Inovation Associatiom please contact  Asta Kazlauskiene, phone no. +370 615 10533, e-mail