Changes in Transport Innovation association 2022 07 11

From 1st of July, the general manager of Association, Rugilė Andziukevičiūtė-Buzė, is going on maternity leave and her place will be temporarily taken by the Head of Strategic Partnerships and Communication Asta Kazlauskiene. 

"We are very happy with Rugile`s contribution to the expansion of the Association and all kinds of development, we wish you a meaningful time with your family and, of course, we look forward to your return next year. I believe that the Association will continue to maintain the chosen lines of activity under the leadership of Asta. She has been with the Association since its establishment, until now she has successfully implemented several partnership projects, worked on the Transport Innovation forum and other communication projects. Asta Kazlauskienė is also well acquainted with the activities of the members", says Jurgis Adomavičius, Chairman of the Association`s Board.