Transport Innovation association and its members mentioned in the publication of the German Chamber of Commerce "Baltic Business Quarterly" 2022 06 09

We are glad that in the latest magazine about the Baltic economies „Baltic Business Quarterly“, which focuses on the economic trends of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, two articles about the members of Association and its director Rugilė Andziukevičiūtė-Buzė`s review of the rapidly evolving smart mobility sector in Lithuania were published.

Simonas Stankus, the head of In Balance Grid, a start-up that develops and manages smart electric car charging stations, presented solution, offered by his company, its advantages and future plans.

The magazine also features a report from the German-Baltic EyeVi Technologies Awards, where member of our Association Goramp, the developer of cloud-based supply chain management software, won third place. Goramp, congratulations!

Especially for this magazine, Rugilė Andziukevičiūtė-Buzė has prepared an overview of the rapidly developing smart mobility sector in Lithuania. She pointed out that our country has laid a good foundation for the development of innovation in the transport sector, which generates about 13 percent of country`s GDP and this creates the preconditions for the rapid development of transport innovation. 

„A car sharing services offering company CityBee is already testing a car in Lithuania, which is equipped with intelligent car management technology, which allows the car to be controlled remotely. And today, VILNIUS TECH researchers is creating innovative solutions that significantly contribute to the development of autonomous cars“ – writes R. Andiukevičiūtė-Buzė in her review. 

The director of the Association points out that in the field of digital logistics, significant progress has also been made at the level of public authorities, whose decisions significantly reduce the use of paper in the transport sector. In addition, members of our Association are already developing advanced transport management systems, eCMR solutions, warehouse management solutions and other advanced products. As the director of the Association emphasizes in her review, a good environment for innovation has been created in Lithuania, but, however, there is no shortage of challenges, which will be addressed at the largest event for transport specialists in the Baltic States – Transport Innovation forum.

Read the article for more insights.