Virtual Customs Broker

Customs brokerage firms, still using traditional manual file transfer, will complicate the process for themselves and for clients. The introduction of automation processes in customs brokerage business is a necessary step forward in the post-Brexit world. In the face of the global situation, there is a need to use innovative solutions such as electronic commerce documentation, custom invoicing, custom agent programming and the development of a customs clearance platform, etc.


The current activity strategy of the Customs of the Republic of Lithuania provides for close partnership with other institutions and fair business, and, in accordance with the provision of the Union Customs Code of  Insurance the primacy of electronic formalities over 'paper' formalities -  it can be logically concluded that Bunasta UAB plans to develop a smart customs broker information system (prototype) that helps to protect the environment is exactly what the customs broker business can contribute to these goals, in particular, by contributing to the much wider digitalization of its services and its integration with the same customs information systems (declarations / documents, tracking their status).


The aim of the project is to develop a smart customs broker (CB) information system (prototype) to help protect the environment. The target group of the project is customs brokers, senders, carriers, recipients. The project will carry out scientific and technological activities.


•             Intelligent Customs Code Classification selection, module

•             Module for the study of freight transport route planning methods, the data needed to do so, as well as information systems / solutions existing and available for use in the market

•             Module of study of documents, document templates as well as data used in documents through the prism of artificial intelligence big data analysis, used in CB system

•             Module of study of the current solution for integration of data streams and their possible formats for systems integration

•             Module of risk assessment of CB client through assistance of artificial intelligence

•             Feasibility study of validation of digital document presented by CB, module

•             Innovative module for ensuring the conformity of the cargo with the declaration


The project will develop a new innovative product - multilingualism (covering at least 4 languages), application and validation of innovative forms, smart code classification, application of artificial intelligence for optimal route planning, data analysis that helps to save the environment (paper consumption, kilometers, emissions, reducing the amount of recycled foodstuffs with a limited shelf life) innovative assurance of compliance of the cargo with the declaration. This innovative product will cover the markets of the European Union because of its innovation and price.


The project will contribute to the objective of "stimulating the market launch of new products" and to the objective of "promoting cross-sectoral cooperation in innovation and high-impact innovation" as well as sustainable mobility.

Digital Cargo Insurance

Modern supply chain is based on multi-modal, multi-carrier freight solutions. Together with benefits, multi-carrier transportation often leads to challenges, when it comes to sensitive cargo insurance area.


Together with our members, TIA is developing and testing DIGINSURE platform, which is dedicated to support cargo owners, carriers and insurance brokers in today’s challenging environment.


DIGINSURE offers a full-service, insurance solution. Our platform handles every step of the process starting from freight booking, on-boarding, risk assessment, underwriting, policy management, payments, digital claims handling, and cargo tracing from first loading point up till delivery to final consignee sales and support.


Based on Block Chain technology our cloud-based solution give possibility to save customer’s time and resources and make all insurance and claims handling process well managed and transparent.

Collaborative TMS Systems platform

As supply chains become more complex, with more players and faster information movement, collaboration remains a central challenge for international and domestic freight.Today there are more than 5000 road transport companies and more than 2000 freight forwarders in Lithuania.


Majority of them are dedicated to long distance international freight services. Most of them are facing difficulties in providing competitive last mile and local distribution services for the customers, located in Baltic countries.


Purpose of the platform is to introduce efficiencies in this shared resource space by creating collaborative workspaces where suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers and other service providers can synchronize activities and planning.  Together with other solutions, based on the same standards, shared workspace is giving good possibility for each stakeholder get advantages in economy of scale.

Omni Channel Process engineering

With omnichannel logistics, retail outlets and e-commerce firms are pooling their traditional strengths to address the challenges they face. As stores become local warehouses, they need to be better organized and improve how they work.


In recent years, next-day delivery—and even delivery within two hours in towns and cities—has become the industry norm, under the influence of e-commerce giants. Yet for most retailers, that customer promise is too expensive. 


Omnichannel logistics solution is dedicated for pooling the strengths of stores, e-commerce firms and logistics providers. Solution is giving a possibility to optimize local warehouses. On the same time, by combining resources of different stakeholders, solution allows to reconfigure stores by implementing and transformation in to mini-warehouses and local pick up points.


TIA is providing process engineering and training of stores staff to handle the new logistics tasks and allowing them to stay focused on their core role—selling to customers.