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The Project “eFTI4EU” will develop reference solutions for eFTI Gate for Partner countries’ competent authorities, which will be used for testing the electronic information exchange.

The Project will be implemented by 9 EU countries lead by Estonian Ministry of Climate. Other contributing Partners are from Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Lithuania, Belgium as well as Estonia. Three observer countries are Netherlands, Spain and Ireland. A big part of the project is testing the solution in all transport modes involving stakeholders from competent authorities, maritime and road transport operators and also partner countries of Northern Dimension Partnership for Transport and Logistics (NDPTL) who is a valued Partner of the “eFTI4EU” Project. Moreover, this project will be a continues work of other projects such as FENIX, FEDeRATED, NDPTL eCMR, DIGINNO, and others.

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